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Anime Songs: Jiyū no Tsubasa (Shingeki no Kyojin OP2 Theme | 進撃の巨人 OP2歌曲)

This time I just share the second opening theme of Shingeki no Kyojin anime television series, enjoy the series and the song too ~

To help you learn Japanese language, I already decided to put romaji readings and self English translations for every sentences, hopefully useful if you can't read Japanese letters or didn't understand sentence forms yet.

Jiyū no Tsubasa
Shingeki no Kyojin Second Opening Theme

Lyrics & Arranger: Revo
Vocal: Linked Horizon

Wohlan Freund!
Well friend!

Jetzt hier ist ein Sieg
This is a victory for us

Dies ist der erste Gloria
Our fame just starts here

O mein Freund!
Oh my friend!

Feiern wir diesen Sieg für den nächsten Kampf!
Let us celebrate this victory for the next battle!

"Muimi na shi de atta"
"They died in vain"

To... iwasenai
Something that I won't let anyone say

Saigo no hitori ni naru made
Until I become the last one standing

Der Feind ist grausam… Wir bringen…
The enemy is gruesome... we'll bring it on

Der Feind ist riesig… Wir springen…
The enemy is gigantic... we'll spring high

両手には鋼刃 (Gloria)
Ryōte ni wa 
In our both hands we hold blades of glory

唄うのは凱歌 (Sieg)
Utau no wa
And sing in the name of victory

背中には自由の翼 (Flügel der Freiheit)
Se naka ni wa
We bear the wings of freedom on our backs

Nigishimeta ketsui o hidari mune ni
With our determination tightly held to our heart

斬り裂くのは愚行の螺旋 (Ringel de Torheit)
Kirisaku no wa
We sever this ring of folly

Sōkyū o mau
And dance into the blue sky

自由の翼 (Flügel der Freiheit)
Wings of freedom

Tori wa tobu tame ni sono kara o yabutte kita
Didn't the birds break out of their egg shell in order to fly 

Buzama ni chi o hau tame ja nai daro?
And not be pathetic to crawl on the ground?

Omae no tsubasa wa nani no tame ni aru
For what reason do you own the wings

Kago no naka no sora wa sema sugiru daro?
When the sky inside the cage just a little more tiny?

Die Freiheit und der Tod
Freedom and the death

Die beiden sind Zwillinge
Two of them are twins

Die Freiheit oder der Tod?
Freedom and the death

Unser Freund ist ein!
Our friend is but one of them!

何の為に生まれて来たのかなんて… 小難しい事は解らないけど…
Nan no tame ni umarete kita no ka nande... komuzukashii koto wa wakaranai kedo
For what reason were we born... I don't know the answer for those confusing questions 

例え其れが過ちだったとしても… 何の為に生きているかは判る…
Tatoe sore ga ayamachi datta to shite mo... nanno tame ni ikiteiru ka wa wakaru
Even if our birth had been a mistake... I do know for what reason we are still alive

其れは… 理屈じゃない… 存在… 故の『自由』!
Sore wa... rikutsu ja nai... sonzai... yue no "jiyū"!
That's what... the undeniable existence... we alive... to live the "freedom"!

Die Flügel der Freiheit
Wings of freedom

Kakusareta shinjitsu wa
The hidden truth

Shōgeki no kōshi da
Will be the charging arrow 

鎖された其の深層(やみ)と 表層(ひかり)に潜む巨人達 (Titanen)
Tozasareta sono yami to hikari ni hisomu
It will pierce the sealed inner layer of darkness as well as giants walking outside the layer of light

Kuzuresaru kotei kannen
With our previous beliefs crumbling away
Mayoi o daki nagara
Even so if we get lost feelings

其れでも尚 『自由』へ進め!!!
Sore demo nao "jiyū" e susume!!!
Let's march towards to the freedom!!!

Linker Weg?
The left way

…Rechter Weg?
Or the right way?

Na, ein Weg welcher ist?
Well, which way is the correct one?

Der Freund?
The friend?

Der Feind?
Or the enemy?

Mensch, Sie welche sind?
People, which one are you?

両手には戦意 (Instrument)
Ryōte ni wa
In our both hands we hold the instrument of our fighting

唄うのは希望 (Licht)
Utau no wa
And sing in the name light of hope

背中には自由の地平線 (Horizont de Freiheit)
Se naka ni wa
We bear the horizon of freedom on our backs

Sekai o tsunagu kusari o ono ono mune ni
With the chains connecting this world in our chest 

奏でるのは可能性の背面 (Hinterfront der Möglichkeit)
Kanaderu no wa
We playing what might walk behind all chances


Sōkyū o mae
And dance into the blue sky

自由の翼 (Flügel der Freiheit)
Wings of freedom

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